No Waves, No Glory

40 years ago, the company began to create high-quality equipment for all industries. Today, our global projects go beyond stunning, unexpected developments and include smart digital strategies and experience.

Pro Range is offering construction and industry information along with new and used construction equipment for sale from dealers in your area. Now we extend those services and information to the Internet.

At Pro Range, we get it – your company depends on customer satisfaction. Having reliable, durable tools is the backbone of any contractor service. This is why we offer the best tools and equipment at competitive prices.

We are make the search as simple as possible. Use our advanced search feature to find exactly what piece of equipment you want. 


Having properly functioning equipment on the job site is always a must. Warranties are available and we can even ship your equipment straight to the job site for a flat fee of $10. Reach out to one of our highly-trained customer service members to notify us of any requested delivery and what may be needed for you to properly unload the newly purchased freight.

We only sell industry-leading products made by the most reputable manufacturers. Pro Range proudly rejects taking any shortcuts when it comes to providing our customers with the best products. We offer:

Brand new products

Resell used equipment

Goods according to your personal requirements 

All of used equipment must pass strict quality requirements before we sell it again. Not every job calls for a brand new equipment when a discounted used one will do the trick.



People from different states buy our products and trust us..



Goods and machines we have sold during the previous year.


building company

Bought our products to use them in their projects.